What are your OEs?

The Polish psychiatrist Kazimierz Dabrowski created the term Overexcitabilities or OEs, which are hard wired energies or sensitivities. The term sensivities and overexcitabilities should not be taken in a negative light and are not perjoratives, but parts of our psyhche which have increased energy, which contribute to positive gifts along with some of the challenges that we may deal with. There are five basic OEs: Psychomotor, sensal, intellectual, imaginal, and emotional.

 Psychomotor: You may have a lot of energy, speak rapidly, be driven. You will need to be at risk of workaholism, nervous ticks, etc.

Sensual: You have highly developed senses. You may notice colors, smells, and sounds others do not. Your perceptions can be very intense. Some smells make you feel sick, sounds may irritate you and rough seams and fabrics may annoy you.

Intellectual: You have strong problem solving and ability to comprehend complex problems. You enjoy reading,  very curious, and driven to find the truth to things.

Imaginal: You have a highly developed imagination. You see where things can go to, but are not. You have a strong sense of humor, you can be creative, may have a intense dreams and fantasies. You are likely easily bored.

Emotional: You are likely highly emotional sensitive, you are sensitive to your own feelings, and the emotions of others. You have strong attachments and relationships. You may however  have difficulty fending off strong emotions, and others emotions can deeply hurt you and can make you feel overwhelmed.

 Psychomotor is only considered when other overexcitabilities are present.

How do you rate yourself?

Source: Living with Intensity edited by Susan Daniels & Micheal M Piechowski, Great Potential Press, 2009.

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