The Oxford Murders

The Oxford Murders, directed by Álex de la Iglesia, Released 2008 by Odeon Sky Filmworks, and in the US on DVD by Magnolia Pictures, staring Elija Wood, John Hurt, and Leonore Watling. The film may be seen in DVD or On Demand. the film is based on a novel by the same name by Argentine mathematician and writer Guillermo Martínez.

The movie is a murder, suspense drama which  involves a series of murders at Oxford, a Logic professor, and a Math Grad Student. It starts with a lecture involving the work by Ludwig Witgenstein, Tractatus, trying to prove that there is no absolute truth. Those philosophy students may recognize an error here. The Math grad student attempts to argue the opposite, in this twisty film, which goes into many dark dimensions and places, and involves numbers of murders has twists you will not see coming, and will hold your attention from the start. The film has some issues, but is generally enjoyable.

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