James Dyson: Inventor

I saw an interesting interview with James Dyson, an inventor who has revolutionized vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, fans and heaters, who’s company sells it’s product on http://dyson.com.  He said what inspires him to invent is his frustration with products that don’t do what they should. He studied design and engineering. Among with those inventors who he admires is Thomas Edison.   Edison it is said made 100 attempts before he got the electric light bulb right.  Dyson took over 5,000 attempts to get his improvements on the vacuum cleaner right, and then struggled to market it. He says with each try, they learned new things from each prototype. It reminds me that it’s okay to fail at first. One of the important things for me, is the process, the end goal not being what it’s real about. Taking a class is about how much you learn from it, not the grade you get. I am not saying one should not try to get good grades, but the learning is the point. For those of us who lean toward perfectionists, not getting top grades can be very hard, so that is not my point. Remember the saying: If at first you fail, try try again. He gives the following advice to inventors. In an article on CNN, he says that in order to compete, one must take risks, which is true for both individuals, companies, countries, etc. Without taking chances, one can never succeed. You might fail, that may be a necessary step to succeed.